In keeping with the University's objective of fostering knowledge and personal well-being, every undergraduate student will complete a three part wellness series prior to graduation. Before arriving on campus, first year and transfer students will complete both Alcohol Edu and Haven, an online alcohol prevention and education program. Once on campus, students will complete WELL 100 in their first semester. Students are also required to complete one WELL 101 health education topics course. Classes are geared towards topics that will promote academic success and personal health.

As part of the University's on-going commitment to sexual misconduct education and prevention, all second year students will be required to complete Every Choice, an online bystander training program (WELL 102) focusing on sexual misconduct prevention education. The course provides students with awareness, education and skills practice to assist them with engaging in proactive behaviors to intervene in situations of sexual misconduct. Upon completion, students will be equipped with basic bystander skills that will allow them to identify multiple options for intervention and assist them with identifying obstacles that would prevent action. The course will also inform students about sexual misconduct resources on and off campus resources. The course must be complete in the first six weeks of the semester.

The Department of Health Promotion within the division of Student Development, is responsible for the wellness graduation requirement. The wellness graduation requirement consists of the following classes, effective with the entering class in 2021 (earlier classes should review the catalog under which they entered):

  • WELL 100: Introduction to College Life at the University of Richmond
    • Students register themselves for their first semester of enrollment.  If students not register for a WELL 100 section, students will be assigned to one prior to the first day of classes.
    • WELL 100 must be attempted and satisfactorily completed during that semester.
  • WELL 101: Plus 2, a wellness topic of choice
    • Students register themselves for this course. 
    • WELL 101 must be attempted and satisfactorily completed prior to the start of the fifth semester of enrollment. 
  • WELL 102: Bystander Education Program
    • Students will be automatically registered for this course for their third semester of enrollment, or, for transfer students, for their first semester of enrollment.
    • WELL 102 must be attempted and satisfactorily completely within the first six weeks of that semester.

Each course is graded with an S or U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). Students will have an administrative hold put on their record if they have not satisfactorily completed within the prescribed time period.  This hold will prevent them from being able to register until they have made arrangements to take the class(es).